Fiona Hayward

Fiona is a Scottish-born painter of the natural world. She considers herself to be an expressionist – seeking to convey the feelings evoked by the subject matter, pushing the boundaries of nature whilst still retaining the essence of the subject.
Growing up in a difficult environment, Fiona found her escape in the countryside around her. This is where she found beauty, peace and joy, rambling through woods, river walks or climbing the local hills amongst the heather and the sheep.
Today she seeks to express the wonder she found in those experiences, the simple pleasures that are free for anyone that would take the time to look – the heady scent of a late summer rose, the crinkle of an autumn leaf, or the first snowdrop bursting bravely through the snow.
Being mostly self-taught, Fiona found that through art she could share this world she loves, using paint and canvas. She paints mainly in acrylics, liking their immediacy and the ability to build depth through layers into the textured paint.

‘It had to be you’

Where you can find me!

You can find my work for sale on Bluethumb Art.

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